Comparative Regional Integration

In spite of the explosion of literature on regional integration, the “comparative” element of regional integration studies remains largely underdeveloped. There is a lack of consensus on what constitutes “good” regional integration theory, which results in a fragmented field of study. This fragmentation arises from the lack of comparison and cross-fertilisation between scholars focusing on different regions on the one hand, and the lack of dialogue between scholars using different theoretical perspectives on the other.

The Comparative Regional Integration research programme seeks to contribute to overcoming these two unnecessary divisions. Within this programme, two research areas are prioritised: the comparative study of regional organisations and their horizontal and vertical governance linkages, and the comparative study of regionalisms across the world. The programme also aims to further the understanding of the dynamics of global and multi-level governance, regional integration and inter-regionalism.

The following projects are presently undertaken within the framework of the programme:

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