Global Re-Ordering: Evolution through European Networks (2011-2015)

The research project GR:EEN – Global Re-ordering: Evolution through European Networks – is a European Union (EU) funded project under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) that started in 2011. GR:EEN aims to study the present and future role of the EU in an emerging multipolar world through a programme of stock-taking, multidisciplinary research. Emphasis is placed on the variety of actors, from the 20th century’s resilient actors to the rising powers of the 21rst, the increasingly influential non-state actors and the new transnational regulatory networks created by public and private policy-makers and regional agencies.

As part of the consortium of the EU-funded GR:EEN research initiative (coordinated by Warwick University), UNU-CRIS focuses on the role of regional leaders. The activities under this project cover the specificity or added value of emerging actors as regional promoters. During the project, an assessment is made of the impact of regional leadership on regional integration processes. 

For further information, please consult the GR:EEN website.

Persons of reference: Luk Van Langenhove and Marieke Zwartjes


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