24.06.11 16:09

UNU-CRIS co-organises Forum on UNASUR: Beyond Security?, Bogotá, 11 August 2011

On 11 August 2011, UNU-CRIS co-organises a Forum on UNASUR: Beyond Security? in Bogotá, together with the Universidad Central, the Universidad del Rosario, the Javeriana University, the Universidad Autónoma, and the Fundación América Mundial.

UNU-CRIS Associate Director, Philippe De Lombaerde, and UNU-CRIS Associate Research Fellow, Edgard Moncayo, will participate in the event.

UNASUR Secretary-General, María Emma Mejía, has been invited. This event is part of a series of fora on regional integration in Latin America that will be organized on different locations.

For furher information, please contact Philippe De Lombaerde, UNU-CRIS Associate Director.

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