15.02.12 14:57

UNU-CRIS and ULB organise Workshops on Quantitative Indicators of European Power and Indicators of Regional Influence in Bruges, 26-27 March 2012

During the first workshop on “Quantitative Indicators of European Power”, scholars will try to clarify the measurable dimensions of power in an interregional and global context. Moreover, Europe’s relative position in international institutions such as the UN will be assessed in combination with cost-benefit analyses of EU external policies. The second workshop on “Indicators of Regional Influence” aims to map regional leaderships through indicators that will allow assessing whether and where regional leaderships can be identified and which elements characterize the presence of a leader in a particular region.

Both workshops are organized by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and UNU-CRIS in the framework of the European Commission funded GR:EEN research project and will take place at the College of Europe, Verversdijk 16, 8000 Bruges, Room V.2.03 on 26 and 27 March 2012.

You are welcome to attend the presentation of the papers and to participate in the discussion. Attendance is free, but registration is necessary. For registration, please contact Marieke Zwartjes. Please click here to consult the programme.


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