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UNU-CRIS and the College of Europe organise Jean Monnet Seminar on Free Trade Agreements and Constitutional Rights, Brussels, 2 May 2012

Over the last two decades the growing scope of the new generation FTAs has been observed, covering more and more non-tariff issues (FDI, IPRs, services), including issues not dealt with at the WTO. At the same time, there has been growing contestation of this type of agreements by civil society, interest groups and sometimes governments, and trade policy has been judicialized due to the growing tensions between their contents and constitutional rights and the implementation of new instruments to protect individual and/or collective rights in many countries.

The aim of the seminar, organised by UNU-CRIS and the College of Europe, is to start a systematic assessment of this problématique by studying, first, how European courts have been dealing with these potential sources of conflict, and second, how courts in partner countries and regions deal with it, especially where activist courts are operating.

The Jean Monnet Seminar on the interactions between constitutional rights and free trade agreements will be held on 2 May 2012 in the sidelines of the EU in International Affairs Conference in Brussels. The event will take place at the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, Hertogsstraat 1 in 1000 Brussels (14:00 – 17:15).

For more information and free registration, please contact Sofie Dewilde

The programme can be found here.

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