28.08.13 17:13

Third GR:EEN Annual Conference, Bruges, 20 September 2013

UNU-CRIS is one of the sixteen institutions of the European Commission funded GR:EEN research project which studies the role of the EU in the emerging global order. This year, GR:EEN will hold its Annual Conference in Bruges. The Third Annual Conference will take place on 20 September at the Grand Hotel Casselbergh. The panels will deal with topics such as ‘EU and a Multi-polar World’, ‘The Role of Developing States’ and ‘Regional Power and the Global Order’.

We welcome you to attend the conference and take part in our discussions, however all papers and panelists have already been selected. We cannot reimburse any travel costs.

For registration and practical information, please click here. For further information, please contact Marieke Zwartjes.

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